5 Awesome Betta Tank Ideas

It can’t be denied. The popularity of Betta isn’t like any other ordinary pet fish. Betta are like superstars with their undeniably cool stunning and colorful features. With one look, they can easily captivate the hearts of many, and what’s more if you pair them with the most awesome of the most awesome betta tanks? They will surely be transcendent.

There are like plenty of awesome betta tank ideas that you can come across the. Check out the list below.

1. Buddha Inspired Betta Tank

I’ve seen lots of fish hobbyist putting emphasize on Buddha figure with their betta tanks. I doubt these people are Buddhist or understand who Buddha really is. But I can clearly see why people are so adorned with this mini Buddha sculpture.

It is sort of like bring peacefulness to its surroundings, which makes perfect sense to put it as a centerpiece of the likes of betta aquarium. With its calming looking face and meditating posture, it also kind of like influence you to be one with nature.

Aside from the sculpture, there are a lot of interesting things you can put in the background. I think something green or forest theme perfectly matches it. A popular background you have

probably seen on other websites is bamboo.

I believe a good background is either in harmony or in contrast with the main piece. The final touch of course, is none other than your betta.

2. Tropical Themed Betta Tank

Imagine a forest underneath the ocean, it’s beautiful isn’t it? Basically, in order to mimic a tropical scenery, the idea is to put various kinds of plants, some stones and perhaps driftwood. The bottom being sand or gravel is good for it.

Amazon sword is a perfect choice as your main plant since it can grow really big. Java can’t be out of the picture because it is almost always good for any kind of fish tank and water condition. You can just stick it on the rock or the driftwood. And speaking of the driftwood, you can put a small to medium size, and place it in a lying position on the sand in the middle of the aquarium.

3. Grass field Themed Betta Tank

Looking for a simple setup? This is what you are looking for. The only decors you need are two things, dwarf hairgrass and some rocks of medium to big size. Including the substrate, you got three.

It is best that the substrate is fine like sand or soil for the grass to easily penetrate its roots deep down. When you plant dwarf hairgrass, it doesn’t have to be compact but at least distribute it evenly for a neater look. Dwarf hairgrass is one of the best plants you can pair with bettas. In addition, it’s essential to oxygenating and maintaining a lower level of pH of your aquarium water.

The rocks can be placed anywhere but I think it’s best if they are in one place. In that way, your aquarium will look organized.

4. Divided Betta Tank

Putting some dividers in your aquarium is a great idea especially if you want to put two or more betta in it. A maximum of 3-4 rooms for a 20-standard tank, and a maximum of 2 rooms for a smaller one, are fairly acceptable.

You can DIY the divider, but make sure it is solid and sturdy enough. Using an acrylic may be a good idea but for experienced betta fish hobbyists they don’t really suggest a light and transparent divider but a solid dark acrylic one. The reason behind it is the fact that bettas are known as Siamese fighting fish. It’s unfortunate but they don’t like hanging out together.

To complete the setup, you can add some vegetations or something good for your betta’s hideout. If you want each room to be different and unique, putting in more colors I think is a good idea.

5. Driftwood Beta Tank

Another brilliant idea you can do with your fish tank is adding a driftwood like a big one so It’s going to be highlighted. It should be something that can reach the bottom and extend right on the surface of the water like an anchor. Making it look like a swamp with amazon frog bit would show something out of the ordinary.

There are aquatic plants you can add to give life to your driftwood bark. Anubias is a relatively small freshwater aquarium plant and it doesn’t really have real roots. This, however can be attached to bark and can be easily taken care of. Another plant you can grow on the driftwood and even on the stones is Java fern. It can grow very tall so it’s best to keep it in the background.

Driftwood colorizes and may make the water a little acidic but the good news is bettas can’t tolerate it. The bark is also a good home for bacteria that can help lower the pH level, ammonia and nitrate in the water.


It doesn’t matter what you put in the tank as long as they are harmless to bettas. With these ideas you can recreate and come with better ones. Need I remind you that they are quite aggressive. You better caution what kind of tankmates you put into the mix.

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