5 Fancy Goldfish Tank Ideas

Carassius Auratus is the scientific name of Goldfish, this omnivore freshwater fish is among the most desired tank pets as it is considered to bring fortune and good luck for Chinese. Belonging to the family of carp and originally came from China, goldfish were domesticated and bred to over a hundred.

Originally orange and gold, now they come in an array of colors from red to white, black, bronze and bi-colors. They are a hardy breed of fish, which means they are capable of surviving in different and changing water temperature.

With their tiny figure (domesticated size) some people think, they would best fit in a bowl but such thing isn’t a very good option for their growth. A big tank is actually what they need. In this article I would like to discuss to you some great fancy goldfish tank ideas.

Things to Consider

There are important matters we need to put into consideration before owning a goldfish. They are really good ornamental pets but prior knowledge on how to take care or what you need to know or do about them is a part of your assignment.

Breed of fish – Before choosing and setting up a tank, you better ask yourself what kind of goldfish you want to bring home. Goldfish are classified into two main groups, the common goldfish and the fancy goldfish.  Common goldfish are sturdier, faster and more aggressive. They are easily recognized with their slimmer body and single tailed description.

Their color is the combination of orange and gold with bare pattern. Fancy goldfish are characterized with their more rounded build and twin tails. Unlike the common goldfish, they have various patterns and are more delicate. Some popular fancy goldfish are the Fantail, Ryukin and Oranda. Most fancy goldfish aren’t for beginners.

Size of Tank – A common mistake you should avoid is the idea of putting a fish in bowl. It isn’t ideal to do such; rather, preparing a spacious tank where they can swim comfortably is what they need. There are two good reasons.

The first one of course is their size. Though we think they are naturally small, they can possibly grow up to 16 inches in length, and normally they can weigh between .2 and .6 pounds. Fun fact, a goldfish in the wild can weigh as heavy as 5 pounds. Another thing about gold fish is their life span.

You probably see some people on the street sell goldfish in a small plastic. The fish can only last for 8 hours or less if it is not transferred immediately in a more suitable life sustaining environment.

Food Diet – It’s a myth that goldfish are herbivores. In fact, in the wild they eat crustaceans, plants, zooplankton, detritus and insects such as mosquito larva. In captivity, they are usually fed with formulated food in flake and pellet. There are other foods you can offer like mealworms, bloodworms, brine shrimp, ghost shrimp, and bits of vegetables and fruits like broccoli, carrot zucchini, orange and watermelon.

Unlike in the wild, they don’t have much activity and so giving them just enough food should keep them healthy. When they are overfed, they may experience digestive issues which would most likely end their life. Also, the more they eat the more toxins they excrete and the aquarium when not regularly cleaned would severe their condition

Creative Tanks for your Fish Pet

There are a lot of great things you can do with your aquarium. But here are some good examples you can try.

1. Tank with Rocks

A very simply looking and easy to make is a fish tank with only stones. Normally a goldfish tank needs at least 20 gallons of water or more depending on the size and number of fish. With this kind of setup, you won’t have problems decorating since your decorations are simply the stones and sand if preferred.

The best substrate would be gravel sand. You can put stone variations with different sizes and colors to make your aquarium look livelier. It’s up to you how put them: separated or compact, or in the middle or at the corner. With that being said, something harmless build is the most important.

2. Tank with Plants

If you prefer a green looking and a not so fancy tank for your fancy goldfish, this one is for you. Another simple yet healthy looking setup that would surely make your fish enjoy. For goldfish, anything that looks green seems like a food for them.

Choosing a fake plant doesn’t have to be a big issue if the purpose is mainly for decoration. On the other hand, if you choose a live plant, you have to consider whether you put a goldfish-proof or a goldfish food plant.

Amazon sword is a large plant that can cover a big portion of your tank but it’s guaranteed beautiful. For goldfish, it’s a good target for their diet but this plant is self-sustainable and easily grows fast.

3. Tank with Rocks and Plants

Going a little fancier with your fish enclosure, a more gold fish friendly and life-sustaining habitat can’t be that hard to realize.  A jungle-like aquarium isn’t that very ambitious. One big challenge for fish pet owners is maintenance.

Though we have a filter and fish tank maintenance they can only do so much. Goldfish can be very messy and having a very decorative tank would mean more cleaning. What’s a little pain if you have a beautiful gain? The drawback of course is that this idea is kind of expensive.

Regarding the maintenance, you can always consult your search engines on how to do it effectively there are a lot actually.

4. Tank with Bare bottom

You can imagine how lifeless your tank is but it’s very practical and convenient. This is not to say you’re selfish and don’t care about your fish needs. The obvious pros are you don’t need to spend and work much. For some seeing fish in clear water is what’s essential.

You can put some plastic plants to make it look more decent if you want. You can throw in some green thingy like Java fern, something that can help in absorbing nitrate and carbon dioxide from the water. The other good thing is that, this doesn’t need substrate at all. Just tie on bark or put it between stones.

5. Tank with Pots/Containers

One of the fish tank setups that are extremely cheap, this is similar to bare-bottom but with the addition of live plants secured in pots. The idea is to make the tank neat and organized. The fish can still swim freely and depending on the plants you put, they can nibble on them.

Adding some living organisms like aquatic plants is necessary to having a healthy environment. For a more colorful background, you can personalize the pots, and add more varieties of plants (goldfish food) based on the need of your fish.

While the simplicity attracts you, it is still better to be a more humane fish pet owner.


It takes generous time and effort to take care of goldfish. You have to feed them regularly. You have to make sure the tank is clean for them. You have to maintain the water. You need to know when they are ill. You better consider them as your family. So, before you get one, consider what you can offer.

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